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Lisa Young

    • Swedish Massage- Light & Medium Pressure
    • Reiki
    • Myofascial Release
    • SEATTL Method









Calm, balance, grounding, healing.  These are my intentions as we enter each session.

Sometimes the simple act of slowing down can work wonders for our health and well-being.

Our sessions begin with gentle connection and relaxation techniques to help calm your system and help you become more present in your body in the moment.  From there, we can usually work into deeper and more focused techniques to address areas of tension and help relieve discomfort.

Over 15 years of practice have led me to trust intuition and to follow the guidance I receive from you verbally and from your tissues. You are the expert on you and your body, so I always welcome your feedback and guidance to help make your sessions as comfortable and effective as possible.

I am truly thankful for every opportunity to help you feel your best.  It's my hope that you leave each session feeling calm, grounded, lighter and brighter.

Thank you!