Lisa Young

Lisa Young

    • Swedish Massage- Light & Medium Pressure
    • Reiki
    • Myofascial Release
    • SEATTL Method





I’ve always been interested in the body’s ability to heal itself, and have found massage to be one of the most effective ways to assist that process.

I’ve been practicing a blend of Swedish massage and related techniques (including pressure point work, myofascial release, and Reiki) since 2004, helping clients with relaxation, pain-relief, and emotional healing.

I find it’s very effective to provide calming and nurturing techniques along with  focused therapeutic techniques to really work out tensions and problem areas from postural imbalances, repetitive motion, stress and trauma.

Clients with TMJ/jaw clenching, recurring headaches, or upper back and shoulder pain report great results from this combined approach.  Clients going through times of grief, illness diagnosis, divorce, and other major life changes tend to experience a deep sense of comfort, support and calm during our sessions.

I created the SEATTL Method( Soothing the Emotions After Trauma, Transition, or Loss) to help those dealing with PTSD and heightened emotional stress.  Our bodies can hold onto emotional stress, which can lead to fatigue, depression, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and general malaise.  In times of major life change or grief, or when working through past trauma, the mind and body are often guarded, anxious, hyper-vigilant, or just plain exhausted.  The caring massage and energy work of the SEATTL Method are designed to help you feel comforted, present and supported.  The personalized sessions progress in a slow and deliberate manner, using gentle techniques to engage the tissues and ease into deeper work if and where needed. Experiences during and after often include a sense of deep calm and presence, pain-relief, renewed confidence and increased vitality.  When scheduling your first visit,  please select the Initial Consultation option, so we can tailor your session to your personal situation and address your individual needs.

Every client’s needs are different, and can be different from session to session and through the years.  I strive to listen and learn what you hope to get from massage and to then provide what will be most healing for you in each session.