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 Kristin Kirk



Kristin Kirk is a licensed and certified Massage Therapist practicing advanced body work since 2003. She is a thoughtful and caring therapist with an intuitive touch, creating a space for healing and transformational progress.

Her experience and expertise allows her to identify and target problem areas, providing effective and lasting results.

Kristin specializes in pain relief for the neck, shoulders and back. She also focuses her practice on prenatal and postnatal care for new Mom's, and Craniosacral work for clients managing chronic headaches, insomnia, allergies, or symptoms associated with whiplash or other trauma injuries.

Trained in sports massage, she also offers effective relief, repair, and preparation for athletes including runners, surfers, swimmers, cyclists, and general sports enthusiasts.

Kristin always says: "Remember that feeling relaxed and pain free is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Take the time that you need to care for yourself and make that appointment today!"